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Power Earthing QLD provide a Deep Drill Earthing service for Ergon Energy (now Energy Queensland) along with major companies such as Zinfra Group, Corfield Electrical, B.D.G Electrical Contracting Services and many smaller contractors.

We have the experience and understand the earthing industry & follow all earth arrangement drawings recommended by Energy Queensland.

Big or small, if you require an earth let us deep drill your solution

Whether deep drill is recommended on the design plan or is required if readings are not achieved due to ground conditions, contact us for any of the following EARTHING situations:

New overhead distribution earth assemblies for

  • Earth pole transformers, S.W.E.R (single wire earth return) transformers, including isolators, reactors & regulators
  • 3 phase & S.W.E.R Reclosers
  • M.E.N (Multiple Earth Neutral) earths for poles
  • HV, air brake & gas switches

Estates & developments - underground earthing arrangements

  • Including common & separate padmounted substation earths
  • M.E.N (Multiple Earth Neutral) earths for pillar boxes
  • R.M.U (Ring Main Unit) earth

Upgrades & repair defect earths

We deep drill new earths, away from present ones and attain the required earth reading for Energy Queensland to connect back into the existing power system which makes for a safer supply for customers.

Substation & Sub Yards construction

  • Deep drill Step Touch Potential earths
  • Grid earths

Telecommunication industry

We deep drill earths for all Optus, Telstra & NBN Towers - if a low enough reading is not achieved or ground conditions are hard.

Solar & wind farms

Earthing of poles & infrastructure when readings cannot be attained by driven earth rods alone.

Pegasus units

Mobile Power Generators- Contact point EARTHS

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us.

Power Earthing QLD

(Queensland-wide service)
Yandaran QLD 4673

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Our Difference
  • Specialize ONLY in Deep Drill Earthing
  • Been supplying Earthing Service since 1991
  • Capable of Earthing in all soil formations (soft, red or hard)
  • Specialized equipment & very experienced in Earthing in Alluvial (sand & gravel)
  • Able to Angle Drill, dump mask to ground & setup on unlevel ground with 4 Hydraulic Rams
  • Can provide holes from 105-175 m.m. Diameter & up to 60 metres deep

For all your electrical earthing requirements

We provide solutions for Energy Queensland along with major companies & smaller electrical contractors.

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