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Our company Mewmont Pty Ltd started in the drilling industry in 1990 lead by Allan Whyte providing water bores, trading as Burnett Water Drilling.

Since then we have seen our family business grow as supply and demand for drilling has changed over time. A year after our beginnings we were approached by Ergon Energy to drill on their behalf for new customers when their driven earth rods failed to get low enough earth reading in the ground. Allan and our rig were able to drill through the hard rock layer to achieve their required resistance. From this point, deep drill earthing was recommended for a more reliable and sustainable result for difficult situations.

The demand for this service surpassed our water drilling, resulting in us attaining a purpose built rig to specialise solely in deep drill earthing, now trading as Power Earthing Queensland. This service is requested at the design stage to save labour, time and money for new installations, upgrading or repairing existing earths. When old earth readings fall short in providing a safe electricity supply for customers to keep up with the demand of modern technologies and appliances, our experience-lead methods of deep drilling earths solves this problem.

Our Team

  • Qualified, Experienced staff fully trained in Ergon Ergon W.H.S compliance & Earthing requirements
  • Contracted to Ergon Ergon now Energy QLD as Tier 1 Preferred Contractors for over 10 years.

Interested in working with us? Please contact us.

Our Difference
  • Specialize ONLY in Deep Drill Earthing
  • Been supplying Earthing Service since 1991
  • Capable of Earthing in all soil formations (soft, red or hard)
  • Specialized equipment & very experienced in Earthing in Alluvial (sand & gravel)
  • Able to Angle Drill, dump mask to ground & setup on unlevel ground with 4 Hydraulic Rams
  • Can provide holes from 105-175 m.m. Diameter & up to 60 metres deep

For all your electrical earthing requirements

We provide solutions for Energy Queensland along with major companies & smaller electrical contractors.

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