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  • Capability to pick up & carry earthing materials to site on rig & support vehicle.
  • Modern purpose designed drilling rig on a single steer 2018 Isuzu truck having a 6-metre tower to allow for safe set up under live overhead installations.
  • Drill rods encased in a hydraulic carousel eliminating manual handling, providing a safer workplace for employees.
  • Onboard air compressor (425 c.f.m) along with a Down-The-Hole Jack Hammer for difficult hard rock situations.
  • Water injection fitted to rig for dust suppression in built-up areas when required.
  • Height metre to check for clearance from live lines and driller holding authorised persons certification to set up drill rig safely.
  • Calibrated Certified Earth Resistance Mega to take accurate readings & staff trained in its setup

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Our Difference
  • Specialize ONLY in Deep Drill Earthing
  • Been supplying Earthing Service since 1991
  • Capable of Earthing in all soil formations (soft, red or hard)
  • Specialized equipment & very experienced in Earthing in Alluvial (sand & gravel)
  • Able to Angle Drill, dump mask to ground & setup on unlevel ground with 4 Hydraulic Rams
  • Can provide holes from 105-175 m.m. Diameter & up to 60 metres deep

For all your electrical earthing requirements

We provide solutions for Energy Queensland along with major companies & smaller electrical contractors.

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